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Learn Our Whisper Magic System To 
Work Less, Have More Fun and 
Be Your Creative Genius
Taught By Jeneth Blackert & Megan Silitto
Sarah Thompson
"By the 10th day I felt more clarity, peace and joy than I have in ten years. I can't wait for the live event. I feel like I'm on the journey of life once again. I wish I had known about this program years ago!"
THE WhisperMagic Adventure Is an
11 Module Audio Course Designed to Get You In Alignment with Your Dreams
What if there was a way you could be present, follow the moment and have what you desire and far beyond it? What could be possible? It's like taking your defined dreams, adding magic and having more bliss than you've ever imagined! Imagine being free to create and live the life you desire. This 11-day immersive class is about what you are not being, but probably what you actually are! If you desire it, it's for you! This course will clear the resistance to actually having it! 
The Whispering Magic is the secret sauce designed to get you flowing, running, skipping on YOUR path -- without the considerations of what others might think about you. I wonder what change is possible when when you choose you and follow the whispers of oneness? Is it time to open to greater communion with conscious creation -- a creation flowing through you? YES?! I'd hope so! Let's PLAY!
Alecia Evans
"Thank you Jeneth, for being a trailblazer, a true pioneer, and master of your own soul; a courageous warrior on the path from the head to the heart!"
Who is this for?

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, or Service-Based Professionals Who Desire More Creation, Wealth + Creative Living.

YOU if you are aware: 1. You’re not playing big enough 2. You think you’re not good enough (or your programs aren’t good enough) 3. You’re not having fun anymore 4. You are bored, you are finding everything boring (or you are becoming boring)

The Empire Creator
who has a big vision
The Mompreneur
who works from home
The Nomad
who socially influences
What's Inside WhisperMagic?
Class 1: Creating with the NOW Game

What Are Your Creator Codes?

Are you a PAST creator, NOW creator, FUTURE creator? 

Are you a LINEAR, SYSTEMATIC or ORGANIC creator?

What, where, why, how do you truly create? How do you perceiving those future whispers and generate a possibility for the world?

Class 2: Go BEYOND Vision I

What have you concluded about what you desire? 

What viewpoints and judgments do you have that are getting in your way?

Do you perceive consciousness and the universe as an ally?

Class 3: Go BEYOND Vision II

Get into resonance with a light that's beyond what you can even imagine.

This class is about tuning in to the energetic frequencies of your desires. If you want to write a book, for example, instead of figuring out what it would be and feel like when the book is written, you'll play with the whispers of what could be written today and what questions to ask to keep the whispers flowing.

Class 4: Alignment I

Choosing a different future? Functioning as an infinite being with clarity.

Who do I need to be to receive my dream life?

Here, we'll energetically align your desirable future reality and change the unaware areas on who you are being to create or not create it.

Class 5: Alignment II

Who or what have you been unwilling to be? We'll explore who you've refused to be that's not in alignment with what you say you desire. What have you chosen based on judgment. Every time you make a choice, you create. If you make a choice based on judgment (or lack) because it's right or it'll keep you safe, you are creating from judgment. We'll clear any facades and points of view of the collective that are preventing you from creating your vision. 

Every time you make a choice, any choice, you actually create something. If you make a choice based on judgment of whether you are doing something right, you are creating from judgment.

Class 6: Architecting Future + Allowing the Question to Move YOU

In this class we will explore the energetic architect behind what you desire to create. For example if you desire to create a media site, a book, a webinar or whatever, what will it take to CHOOSE that larger creation and architect the sign posts to show you what's required now.

Class 7: Architecting Future + Allow the Question to Expand the Creation

What questions architect the future? What questions will expand the creation? We'll talk about expanding possibilities and what questions expand and what might slow down the creation. For example: Whenever you come to "some sort of" conclusion or consideration about anything it slows or stops the creative energy.

Class 8: Be A Yes (i.e. Be Willing)

What have you been unwilling to choose? Let's harmonize frequencies of fight, resistance, and comfort zones.

Class 9: Expanding Your Symphony

What else is required to expand the playground of creation?

Class 10: Being in Flow

What energies stop your flow? What MOVES you (yes - energetically)?

Class 11: Questions + Group Coaching

Get answers to all your burning questions in this special Q&A follow-up with Jeneth.

WhisperMagic is designed to realign & re-calibrate YOU
Here's the deal

What's The Actual Delivery of This Program?

You receive 11 digital mp3s with training and group facilitation
You receive our 7 page Master Clearing and 11 class write-up up
All on your unique back-end dashboard

Limited Time BONUS: What if you have questions?
For a limited time Jeneth has agreed to gift you with 2 20-minute Skype chat sessions (a $200 value)

Your WhisperMagic coaches
Jeneth Blackert

Hi, I'm Jeneth Blackert. A wife. A mother of two. An entrepreneur. An author. A leader for conscious change. An infinite being out to change our world. I run a seven-figure conscious-based wellness and lifestyle business. More importantly, I live and create my life in a way that allows me to be me without judgment, worthiness or a lack of viewpoints.

Simply by asking and receiving awareness.


Megan Sillito is committed to assisting others in joyfully surprising themselves by living lives of passion, purpose, and genius. Megan's programs place a treasure chest full of transformational techniques and tools right at your fingertips.

Don't just make a living, make a life!

FULL DIGITAL course now

11 digital mp3s, handouts, dashboard and 2 chat sessions with Jeneth Blackert
Investment: $297 (value: priceless)

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